It’s the end of January already, a month into the New Year and a new decade. For those who made a NY’s resolution there is an 80% chance that your resolution has gone to that great resolution graveyard in the sky!!

Failed or not, here is one commitment you can make to yourself in 2020 and that is no al-Desko dining!! What is al-Desk dining you might ask?

Al-Desko dining is where we eat our lunch (or breakfast or dinner) at the desk – our workstation. We ahve all done it at some stage, however there are a number of reasons why eating your meals at your workstation is not good for you and main reason is repetition. For a lot of people who have a sedentary occupation you will spend about 6-8 hours per day at your desk, working. So, when it comes time to eat your lunch get out of your chair, move away from workstation and eat lunch somewhere else. Even if you sit whilst you eat your lunch that is much better than sitting at your desk eating your lunch as the brain needs novelty and new experiences to grow, so changing up the environment is a great way to start. Getting out of your chair and walking outside the office to café for lunch will also increase the circulation, which in turn will rejuvenate the body.

So, before you eat your lunch today, just ask yourself, will I be dining al-Desko!!