I recently posted articles on How to know what good looks like in OHS and Leading by Example, based on three questions I asked participants during a recent OHS training course.

The third question in the series was:

List 3 things your organisation does well and 3 areas that provide an opportunity for improvement.

The point that generated the most conversation was an opportunity for improvement relating to “Getting Involved (Leaders being Visible)”.

So, as leaders how do we get involved?

MBWA: Managing By Walking Around!! I once worked with a business owner whose philosophy on managing the business was to get out from behind the desk, walk around, get involved and see what is happening in the business. It was one of those lessons that stuck with me for a long time.

Get Involved – If you are required to attend a meeting with workers e.g. OHS Committee meeting or a Food Safety Management meeting, then make sure you attend. It tells the workers that you are committed and you take these things seriously. How many times have you seen a manager not turned up to something and a comment is made by a worker about their commitment!

Do site walkthroughs – This gives the workers the opportunity to speak with the managers, staff etc. and voice their concerns or raise suggestions for improvement.

Whilst this may be challenging to some managers or leaders, it is worth the effort as it helps foster a culture of commitment and involvement amongst your team.

Daniel McConville is an OHS and Food Safety Consultant who helps clients reduce their risk and grow their business.